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FuelTech FT550 GM V8 LS EFI Naturally Aspirated Package

FuelTech FT550 GM V8 LS EFI Naturally Aspirated Package

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Due to the nature of the product, we have the purchase feature disabled. Please contact us for consultation and purchasing of FuelTech EFI Systems and wiring harnesses.

The FT550 EFI System is Ignition, Fuel Injection, Boost Control, Nitrous Control, Digital Touch Screen Dash, Data Logging, and Power Management/Traction Control all in one! You can also use it for Ignition only, or Fuel Injection only. 

This package comes with everything needed to get your GM LS up and running! You can start with a Naturally Aspirated package and add everything to control nitrous or boost down the road! 

Products included:

1x FuelTech FT550 EFI System

1x FuelTech WB-O2 Nano - This O2 conditioner connects via CAN and is required for closed loop fueling.

1x FuelTech Bosch LSU 4.2 O2 Sensor 

1x ATS FT550 LS Wiring Harness - We will consult with you and the harness will be built to fit your particular combination. It is not a generic off-the-shelf harness with tons of unneeded connectors and wire.

1x ATS LS Start up file - A Base file to get you going, as well as help with the basic setup of the ECU including setting static timing, correcting idle airflow, ect. This service does come with 1-2 hours of support to help get the car running.

This service does not include in-depth tuning or reviewing logs and adjusting maps after the initial start-up. This service is aimed to get your car started, check for leaks, and sort out any other mechanical issues before having the car thoroughly tuned. We do provide those additional services at an additional charge.

Essential Engine Sensors/Inputs Needed:

*FT550 has built in MAP sensor so you do not need a separate one*

1x GM 58x Crank Sensor and Trigger or 12 Magnet Trigger Sensor and Wheel (We do not recommend GM 24x Trigger and Sensor due to inconsistency)

1x Throttle Position Sensor

1x Oil Pressure Sensor

1x Engine Coolant Temp Sensor

1x Intake Air Temp Sensor

1x Fuel Pressure Sensor

Essential Engine Outputs Needed

8x Fuel Injectors

8x GM Coils

Inputs After Engine Essentials:

7 Normal Inputs - Fully customizable, digital or analog.

2 High Gain Pre-Amplified Inputs - Fully customizable, digital or analog, can be used as normal inputs, or be used with strain gauge sensors.

Outputs After Engine Essentials:

4 Blue Outputs - Open collector outputs designed for injectors, boost solenoids, or to ground relays. These outputs can only send low-load ground outputs.

4 Yellow Outputs - Push-Pull or half bridge outputs designed to operate stepper motors, electronic throttle bodies, and to activate relays by 12v instead. Do not use these outputs to ground relays. It will rest at ground and potentially activate that relay when it is not desired, possibly burning up solenoids, ect.


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