S550 2018 Intake Manifold Comparison!

Here's Kevin's 2016 Mustang GT! When he first brought it to us, we dialed the tune in for his current mods, a Steeda intake, Texas Speed exhaust, and E85. The car made 425whp and 399wtq. We then swapped the stock 2016 intake manifold out for a 2018 intake manifold still utilizing the IMRC's. After re-tuning on the dyno for the new manifold, Kevin's 5.0 made 452whp and 387wtq. It's to be noted that it lost 20wtq in a  300-400 RPM window, but picked up notable power from 5,500 RPM on out. From 6,500-7,500 there was very little comparison being at 7,000 RPM there was a 60whp gain over the stock manifold! No other changes were made to the car, and the comparison was done in a 3-4hr window during the day with same weather conditions.

 2018 Mustang Intake Manifold Comparison

In this pic, you can get an idea of the different angle and location of the throttle body. It doesn't stick quite as far forward as it seems in the pic, but it is a noticeable difference. I was able to modify the current Steeda Intake for a 2015-17 to make it fit, but an intake tube made for a 2018 would be recommended if you haven't purchased one yet.

2018 Mustang Intake Dyno Graph Comparison

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