How to Data Log with the HP Tuners nGauge

Step 1. Make sure your nGauge has the latest FirmWare update found here.

Step 2. Download the configuration file for your vehicle.

nGauge  Mustang Configuration


Step 3. Either connect to the HP Tuners nGauge with a mini USB cable if you have one, or unplug the OBD2 cable and remove the SD card from the HP Tuners nGauge and install it into your computer using the SD card adapter. If using the mini USB cable, when the HP Tuners nGauge powers up, go to "SETTINGS>USB SD" for the HP Tuners nGauge to be recognized.

Step 4. Find the nGauge folder/SD card and open it.

Step 5. Place the Gauges Config File into the "Config Folder" on the nGauge/SD card. Do not place it in any of the sub-folders on the SD card.

Step 6. Eject the SD card/nGauge from the computer, and re-install the SD card into your powered down HP Tuners nGauge if removed.

Step 7. Once powered back up, go to "Diagnostics" then "Datalogging" select the config and then normal mode. By touching the screen it will start the logger. It will indicate that it is recording by the yellow light blinking rapidly. To stop logging, touch the screen again. These logs will save in numerical order and the dates for the logs will not be correct.

Step 8. Follow instructions given by Atomic Track Solutions to get proper data while data logging.

Step 9. To send data logs to Atomic Track Solutions, reconnect nGauge to your computer with mini USB or insert SD card into your computer, and find the nGauge/SD card and open it. Then open the logs folder and save the data log files on your computer.

Step 10. Reply to the previous email with Atomic Track Solutions, attach the data log files, and we will get back with you!

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