How To Turn your HP Tuners nGauge LED Lights into a Shift Light!

You can set up your HP Tuners nGauge to act as a warning for various parameters. Use this as a template for other parameters if you wish! Here is how to use it as a Shift Light!

Step 1. Power up your nGauge and select "GAUGES>CONNECT"

Step 2. Swipe across the screen until settings for the LEDs come up.

Step 3. Select the box in the bottom-left side and select "SIGNAL".

Step 4. Using the arrows, find "ENGINE RPM" and select the Check Mark.

Step 5. Set the RPM for each color to illuminate. Set the first RED LED to the RPM you want to shift at. Set the second RED LED around 100 RPM higher. Set the AMBER LED around 200 RPM less than your shift point. Set the GREEN LED to come on 200 RPM before the AMBER LED.

Example: If you want your Shift Light to be set at 7,500 RPM

Set first RED LED to 7,500

Set second Red LED to 7,600

Set ABER LEDs to 7,300

Set first GREEN LED to 7,000

Set second GREEN LED to 7,100

Set third GREEN LED to 7,200

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