2010-2014 Mustang Angled A/C Vent Mount for nGauge Installation

2010-2014 Mustang Angled A/C Vent Mount for nGauge Instructions

Step 1: Make sure your mount has all contents

  • Mount Front Plate (JPP on top)
  • Mount Rear Plate (JPP on bottom)
  • Two M4-0.7X50mm Pan Head Screws
  • One M4-0.7X20mm Pan Head Screw
  • One M4-0.7X12mm Pan Head Screw
  • Four M4-0.7 Hex Nuts
  • Four M4 Lock Washers
  • Make sure you have the plastic cup that clips to the back of your NGauge. *Should have been included with your NGauge


Step 2: Remove instrument cluster bezel from dash. It pulls right off.


Step 3: Remove A/C vent from the instrument cluster bezel. There are 4 clips on the chrome ring on the back side that hold it in.


Step 4: Remove chrome ring from black piece of the A/C vent and remove all plastic pieces inside.


Step 5: Re-install chrome ring.


Step 6: Insert the two long screws(50mm) into the center bolt holes on the front plate.


Step 7: Mount the plastic cup that came with your NGauge onto the front plate with the opening for your cable to the left. Do not tighten nuts with excessive force!


Step 8: Insert front plate assembly into A/C vent with JPP face up. Be careful as you place into position and make sure it is lined up correctly from the back as it goes in. It should sit pretty flat in relation to the vent. Some of the vent internals are not flat, so don’t try and force the plate to mate up. 


Step 9: Install the back plate onto the back of the A/C vent. Make sure that JPP is facing the same orientation as the front plate. There is also an indention on the rear plate that fit’s the A/C vent. Install lock washers and nuts. Do not over tighten!


Step 10: Use a rag or cloth to block the A/C vent behind the instrument cluster bezel. Failure to do so could cause damage to your NGauge.


Step 11: Insert the A/C vent assembly back into the gauge cluster bezel.


Step 12: Feed your nGauge cable up behind the dash and out where your gauge cluster is.


Step 13: Feed Cables for your NGauge through the mount from back to front. Make sure wiring is secured how you want behind the dash. Re-install the Gauge cluster bezel to the dash. Don’t cut a hole to feed the cable into the A/C vent. It should fit between the A/C vent and air duct in the dash when you install the gauge cluster bezel.


Step 14: Clip the NGauge wires into the back of your NGauge, and clip the NGauge onto the mount.

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