2015-2017 Mustang Angled A/C Vent Mount for nGauge Instructions

Installation of S550 Mustang NGauge Mount


Step 1: Carefully remove dash trim panel from dash. Clips can easily be damaged.  Videos can be found online to properly remove without damaging the panel.

Step 2: Remove ac vent from dash trim panel by pressing the four chrome tabs that are holding it in the panel. 

Step 3: Place the rear plate that contains the nGauge clamp into the backside of the dash trim panel where the ac vent used to sit. Hold plate in place.

Step 4: With rear plate held in place, install the front ring with both bolts lined up to the bolt holes. Be sure front ring is installed in the same orientation that it was shipped.  Make sure ridges around the bolts are facing the rear plate. Place lock washers and nuts on the back of the bolts. Gently tighten nuts so the mount will still turn in the trim panel.  

Step 5: The mount can be turned for desired angle.  Hold dash trim panel out and make sure it is in the correct orientation.  Typically placing the black bolts at the 11 o’clock and 5 o’clock position, with the clamping area angled downwards, is a good starting point.

Step 6:  Press nGauge into clamping area of mount.  If nGauge doesn’t press in easily, loosen clamp bolt on the mount.  DO NOT FORCE nGauge in clamping area with clamp tight.  Make sure that nGauge is seated flatly against clamping area. 

Step 7: Check orientation of angle and nGauge for desired position.  Rotating the mount to the right angles nGauge towards the driver.  Rotating the mount to the left angles the nGauge downwards.  

Step 8: Once desired angle is achieved, remove nGauge and tighten black bolts enough to secure mount in place. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!

Step 9: Re-install nGauge into clamping area.  Check orientation of the nGauge and tighten clamp bolt to lock nGauge in place. Again, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!

Step 10: Feed OBD2 cable through dash and connect to the nGauge.  Tips on how to run cable can be found on YouTube.  

Step 11: Replace dash trim piece with installed nGauge and mount.  Enjoy!

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