We now fully support the HP Tuners TDN App with the RTD/RTD+! The following should provide you with everything you need to know about the TDN App.

What do I need to get started?

If you have an Android based phone or tablet, you can use an HP Tuners RTD or RTD+ to access the TDN App and all of it's functions via Bluetooth!

If you have an Apple product, you will need an RTD+ to properly pair via Bluetooth. A standard RTD will not pair.

Can different versions/brands of the RTD/RTD+ be supported by Atomic Track Solutions?

Yes! We can support all versions/brands of the RTD/RTD+!

How many credits do I need to tune my vehicle?

That varies some, and is best to email us to be certain. The 2011-2017 Mustangs and F150s are typically 2 credits. The 2018+ Mustangs and F150s are typically 4 credits.

What all Make/Models are supported by the TDN App/RTD+?

Currently all Ford models that we provide tuning support for are covered. In some instances depending on the car and mods, we may require some datalogging with a laptop/VCM Scanner, which is free.

I have my RTD/RTD+ and have purchased a tune through ATS. How do I get started?

Follow the steps on this page!

What is Atomic Track Solutions tuner invite code?


Reach out to us for your EFI installation!