nGauge How-To — latest hptuners ngauge update

Latest Firmware Update and How to Install for HP Tuners nGauge

Posted by Jonathan Baker on

Currently the latest firmware update we have for the HP Tuners nGauge is version 3.35. Step 1: Download the latest firmware - Firmware 3.35 Step 2. Either connect to the HP Tuners nGauge with a mini USB cable if you have one, or unplug the OBD2 cable from the car and remove the SD card from the HP Tuners nGauge and install it into your computer using the SD card adapter. If using the mini USB cable, when the HP Tuners nGauge powers up, go to "SETTINGS>USB SD" for the HP Tuners nGauge to be recognized. Step 3. Find the...

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