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2005-2017 Mustang GT/Boss Custom Tune (N/A)

2005-2017 Mustang GT/Boss Custom Tune (N/A)

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Engine Mods
Tune Type

Level 1 covers stock cars to mild bolt-ons, including a Cold Air Intake and exhaust.

Level 2 covers Level 1, as well as aftermarket intake manifold swaps like the 18+ Manifold, Boss, Cobra Jet, and aftermarket torque converters.

Level 3 covers any naturally aspirated combination including internal engine modifications, aftermarket cam, ect.

If you are an E-Mail customer and have SCT or have licensed your car with HP Tuners RTD+, you do not need tune credits.

If you want an E-Mail tune but do not have an SCT or RTD+, you may purchase an RTD+ with tune package Here.


Tuning Info Needed

  1. VIN
  2. Year
  3. Model
  4. Transmission
  5. What Intake Manifold
  6. What Throttle Body
  7. What Air Intake System
  8. Are the IMRC's locked in the manifold
  9. What Injectors
  10. What Exhaust Modifications
  11. Any other Engine Modifications
  12. Any other Fuel System Modifications
  13. Has the Rear Gear been Changed
  14. SCT or HP Tuners RTD+
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