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2024 Mustang ProCharger H.O Supercharger System

2024 Mustang ProCharger H.O Supercharger System

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Looking for the most straight forward bolt-on boost option for your 2024 Mustang GT? ProCharger is the way to go! Installation can be tackled by a professional shop, or a gearhead in their garage.

Stage 1 H.O. System:

  • P-1SC-1 Blower (D1x Optional)
  • 250+hp Gain
  • Multiple Drive Options (6, 8, and 10 rib)
  • 6psi Boost
  • Engine/Transmission Tuning
  • Base Air-to-air Intercooler (750hp 630ci) or optional (1,200hp 1,103ci)
  • High Flow Air Filter P/N 1EB214-SCI
  • Crank Support Available (Recommended for race applications)

*TUNING!!!* How well does it DRIVE? How does it do at the TRACK? Will it pass emissions? It takes long, hard hours to perfect and tweak the ECU/PCM calibration so the drivability and reliability is the same as you would get from Ford…just a lot more fun. ProCharger is in their final stages of tuning and testing. With multiple cars and a team of engineers, we look forward to announcing the official launch soon.

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