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2JMFAB - S197 Mustang Front Struts (Radial Prep) - Pair

2JMFAB - S197 Mustang Front Struts (Radial Prep) - Pair

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Caster/Camber Plates

Will work with 2005-2014 Mustang with caster/camber plates made for coilover struts

Custom valving and spring rates will be selected depending on your vehicle's weight, weight bias, racing surface, tire, transmission, and power level. The more of this info you can provide, the better the outcome.

What's Included:

Pair of Custom Valved Struts based off the Afco Big Gun

Pair of Springs picked to suit your S197's weight/power/and use

Only thing needed to bolt these onto a stock S197 Mustang are Caster/Camber plated designed for coilover struts, which can be included if you don't already have!

All Struts are custom built to order

Typical build time is 7-10 business days before shipping out

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